Stories matter. How we guide people through information, whether marketing copy or a joke or a screenplay, affects how they comprehend and internalize the narrative. Choices as seemingly inconsequential as a category label can send ripples through an entire content landscape. Hundreds of decisions, every day, by various stakeholders, steer your company’s narrative. How do you keep it in control?

With the right team, you can harness the often-chaotic organizational processes that lead to broken content, apply data-backed logic to the implementation and structure of content, and streamline workflows to create consistency and allow stories to shine. Whether in-house or in a consultant capacity, the most important question we can ask is, “Why?” Even the simple act of examining reasoning can shed light on what’s not working and help guide content toward a more accessible place.

If you’re looking for a content strategist, writer, and editor who can help your team ask the right questions, I’d love to talk.