After a year of interviews for Adrift on Purpose, I finally decided to untether myself, to take the lessons from the people who’ve shared them and apply them to my own life.

To that end, as of June 16, I’ll no longer have a day job in corporate America and will be going it on my own as an independent contractor.

As of June 30, I’ll no longer have an apartment. Instead, I’ll be traveling in the US and Canada for the summer, spending a few weeks with family Minnesota, and making it up as I go after that. Everything after August is a question mark. (As move-out day approaches, this timeline seems completely bonkers, but here we are.)

I wanted to chronicle this experience, in real time, for two reasons:

  1. To help Future Meg remember all the wide-eyed optimism I started with, and all the weird experiences that are sure to come from this
  2. To demystify the process for others

My favorite part of the podcast is getting to interview people who are living unconventional lives—hearing how they untethered themselves from soul-crushing mundanity and found fulfillment on alternative paths. If I can offer a similar peek behind the curtains for curious onlookers, possibly help them muster their own courage to make changes, then maybe I’ll feel like I’m giving back even the tiniest sliver of what’s been gifted to me.

So that’s why I’m here, and that’s what’s on the horizon.

Alternately, I’ll give up after a few months, crawl back into a corporate womb, and pretend this blog never existed.

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