About me

I’m a content strategist, writer, and sometimes comedian who co-hosts the Adrift on Purpose podcast. A theme in my life and work has been bucking tradition and expectations to uncover solutions that work for the situation at hand. In my work, that means I rarely operate from templates and prefer to approach challenges from a fresh and holistic perspective. In my personal life, it means avoiding cubicles and making a lot of questionable fashion choices in the name of repurposing.

My background includes stints in the nonprofit sector, where I learned resourcefulness and how to wear many hats; the world’s premier content strategy agency, where I learned how to help clients approach their problems from new angles; freelancing, where I learned to self-manage and work remotely; and corporate America, where I learned the finer points of navigating bureaucracy and creating solutions within considerable constraints.

As an independent consultant, my goal is to help clients break through barriers and craft meaningful narratives. The stickier the problem, the better. My favorite projects are the “if only”s and the “can’t be done”s, the longtime wishes sitting on a shelf. Usually there’s a way, and I love to be the one who finds it.

If you have an unrealized content dream, let’s chat. I’d love to help make it a reality.